Synergy Air: RV12 Build

In late February, we were asked to sit down with Dennis Schoenberg to document his first RV12 Build at Synergy Air in Eugene, Oregon. To be able to follow a man and watch his dream come true before our eyes was an incredible experience that will be hard to replicate.

Dennis began working with the staff at Synergy Air to build his first RV12 aircraft in 2014. He referred to himself as an average craftsman, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to accomplish the build. Working alongside the synergy staff, he was able to build his first plane from start to finish and in a relatively short time frame.

We began filming Dennis as the plane was just one hunk of metal, bolts and wires. The moment the wings were locked into place was when that hunk of metal transformed into an airplane–it had become a reality for Dennis that his plane would indeed fly.

Being a part of such monumental moments along Dennis’ journey brought our team a high level of gratitude for being able to witness such an accomplishment in his life. One that not many people can say they’ve done.

In early March, the plane was ready for its first test flight. As the entire Synergy staff waited anxiously on the ground, we filmed Dennis take flight as everyone rejoiced.

Our job calls us to be in all sorts of situations with different people and we never really know what’s next. Being able to capture something so significant in a person’s life is what fuels us.

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