Our Approach

Our mission statement is to 'turn clients into friends and then make great videos with and for our friends'. Ask any of our past clients and they'll tell you not only did we produce a quality video that exceeded their expectations, but that they enjoyed the process. That doesn't mean that there aren't some differing opinions or difficult discussions, but when those are had amongst friends, in the process of trying to create the best possible film, they are necessary and beneficial.

“Production company” is a general name for what we do, but only a sliver of what we at AO Films offer to our clients. From web to television, we offer nearly all creative and visual production services, from 30-second commercials to full-length documentaries.

Pre-production is key to every video project. Creating a video without it is like building a house without a blueprint. AO Films believes the difference between something good and something great lies in the details. And so, in the pre-production process, we pay attention to those details. Why? To ensure your story gets told in the best possible way. To reduce risks of missing pivotal moments. And to increase our chances of success when unforeseen issues arise.

Great videos begin with great planning. We mind-map a concept. Create a story board to give the ideas bodies, voices and depth. And finalize the video in the scripting process.

Rough edges are shaved off and the project is crystallized, making sure everything from camera angles to dialogue has been established and nothing is an afterthought. As much planning as we do, we always leave the door open for creative ideas that happen on the shoot. Some of our best shots have come unplanned.

AO Films employs use of the latest in HD technology – from HD to 6K – using everything from the RED Epic to the Canon C500 or Canon C100 cameras. Regionally, we're among the few production companies that blend creativity, elite equipment and nimbleness to tell your story at a level that will move viewers in a way you want them moved.

Obviously, all the equipment in the world is for naught unless in the hands of — and looked through the eyes of — an artist. An AO Films production is the compelling blend of experience, passion and imagination, the result a visual story that furthers your cause.

When appropriate, we have the ability to be small quick and versatile with our productions. Depending on the story, and how it needs to be told, we can shoot with an organic approach that captures the story in a unique way. Our ability to capture the story in the truest way possible will give your project an unmatched look and feel.

Production management, casting, crew, talent, location scouting and all the other details of your production are handled by our staff to ensure bringing productions to a close on time and on budget.

AO Films boasts some of the best video editing services and equipment available, ensuring your story is polished and cut to fit the message created in pre-production.

While we’re based in the beautiful Northwest and love the canvas on which we paint our stories, we travel extensively for shoots. Our jobs having taken us to such places as Brazil, The Caribbean, New York, etc. We go where the stories are.