Oregon Pit Crew: Not Your Average Student Section

Pit Crew is the ecstatic student section found at the University of Oregon basketball games in Matthew Knight Arena. Pit Crew is made up of the most dedicated (and loudest) Oregon Ducks. If you ever go to a game, you’ll know them when you see (hear) them. They all have the same goal: to cheer on their beloved Ducks basketball team to victory. These students are impressive in their commitment to the UO Basketball Team. There really is no other student section like it.

14-040 UO Hoops 01 hat guy




14-040 UO Hoops 01 girl

We worked with these Ducks to make a “mockumentary” style commercial to show what Pit Crew is all about, along with highlighting the Oregon Basketball team, of course. This video was super fun to make because we were able to shoot it in the Matthew Knight Arena, while it was totally empty. It was cool to be on the basketball court while no one else was there. Certainly quite different than when a game is going on. We shut off all the lights, and employed our own lights in order to give it the documentary feel. This commercial is a great example of how to use lights to obtain a certain style. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it. Go Ducks!