Oregon Loves This Game

This was a personal project filmed by Ryan Rossman and Ryan Welch using the RED Epic Dragon with the Canon CN-E 35mm and CN-E 30-105mm lenses. It is meant to highlight how so many kids grow up being Oregon Duck fans, attending exciting games at Autzen Stadium, rain or shine, and watching their beloved Ducks play on TV.

This video captures the essence of what it is like for kids to look up to these Oregon Duck football players, and to pretend that they are on the same grand stage that is Autzen Stadium. We hope you enjoy this video just as much as we had making it, and just as much as we love our Ducks.

1412 Foggy Football MASTER nolan light

1412 Foggy Football MASTER ball snap

1412 Foggy Football MASTER avin cheer

1412 Foggy Football MASTER cade catch