Law and Military Art

Tattoos can be one of the most meaningful forms of art. Many law and military personnel, as well as veterans, go to Scottsdale Tattoo to remind themselves of the meaningful lives they live, and to honor those they’ve lost in the line of duty.

“It’s there with them for life. People obviously are interested in tattoos and they ask about it. And it gives them a reason to bring up that person’s name and tell them the story of what happened, and what that person meant to them,” one of the parlor’s owner says.


It was impactful to see the tattoos that law and military enforcement chose to get, because it reminded us the important role they play in our society. We are always thankful for what these people do, and have done, for us and our country. We made this video to share what Scottsdale Tattoo is doing, and to capture the emotion and stories behind the art.

Tattoo Peeling stencil

Tattoo Working on helmet