Joshua P. Williams Foundation

“Everybody in their life needs people to encourage them and support them, cheer them on when they’re winning, but are also there to support them when things aren’t going quite as well.”

In football, the 12th man refers to fans that support their team through thick and thin. Likewise, while growing up, children need the same thing. There are many organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, which support youth in just this way. However, these amazing organizations need support themselves in order to keep serving today’s youth.

That’s where the Joshua P. Williams (JPW) Foundation comes in. JPW celebrates the strong and loving life of Joshua Williams of Sammamish, Washington. JPW’s mission is to financially support and stimulate action within organizations, such as Young Life, that give so much to kids today. They provide scholarships for youth. They give grants to facilities and athletic fields. They link the whole community together to create action. Without the JPW Foundation, many of these groups would not be as successful in providing kids with a safe and helpful outlet.


For 12 straight years AO Films has made videos that showcase what JPW has done for various organizations. It is touching to hear how thankful these people are that they have JPW. And seeing youth benefit from these organizations is even more moving.

“The JPW Foundation has always been there for us and has backed us up through thick and thin. It so exemplifies what the 12th man is about. They trust their team; they want their team to succeed. And to know we have people like that backing our organization and backing our staff is really important to us,” says Jamie Heil of the Sammamish Boys and Girls Club.


For more information about the JPW Foundation and all they do, as well as the organizations they support, visit JPW Foundation.