It’s Science, Dude

This is the story of three people, all amazing athletes with big dreams, who came together to create scientifically-backed, healthy, delicious “real food bars” for the snacker and the athlete. Together, Jesse, Lauren, and Steph created Picky Bars. Their mission statement is not to eat extremely healthy, filling foods every day, but to live life to fullest, and to give your body the clean nutrients it needs to live that life.


We loved creating this video for Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon about Picky Bars, not only because it is a direct result of Jesse obtaining his MBA at the Lundquist Center, but also because it reflects the outcome of dedication and hard work, as well as achieving whatever you set your mind to. These three people had a dream of creating a real food bar that supplied the body with ingredients that supported an athletic and busy lifestyle. And at the same time, they wanted a brand that said: shoot for the stars, work your hardest, and you can achieve everything you have ever wanted.



And we at AO could not agree more with their mission. For us, whenever we meet with a client, we strive to come up with creative ideas that will ultimately meet their every expectation, and then some. For Jesse, Lauren, and Steph, it’s bars. For us, it is innovative, quality videos and films.