“I can do anything I want to do”

Those with special needs can be themselves and go on adventures with this amazing foundation. Trips Inc. provides all-inclusive, organized, chaperoned trips for people with special needs. Their trips range from experiencing the wonders of Disneyland, to venturing into the great outdoors. Their ultimate goal is to make the travelers feel independent and to have experiences like anyone else. It was a joy and a privilege to be able to travel with the group, and to see how Trips Inc. is touching these people’s lives. We made a video for Trips Inc. that really shows what their company is all about, and what this organization means to the travelers.

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“Some people have been profoundly wounded by the way they’ve been treated, and Trips is an opportunity to create some healing, to create some sense that the world can be fairer, and more kind,” says founder Jim Peterson.

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“There are very caring people here who make you feel like family. They don’t make people feel any different from any other people, they make them feel the same.” says traveler Jonathan Bagel.

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