Oregon boys playing mud football

An Oregon Game

It’s been an amazing season for the Ducks – and really the last decade has been pretty entertaining. It’s been even more fun to experience it with Cade. He’s grown to love the Ducks and football as much as I do and watching him brings back memories of playing with my buddies. The smell of mud on the leather football, imagining we’re making big plays on the grandest stage in college football and enjoying all of this with friends. I can’t help but live through Cade and his buddies as they now enjoy the same things. I made this quick film in order to capture some of these feelings.

Filmed by Ryan Rossman and Ryan Welch using the RED Epic Dragon with the Canon CN-E 35mm and CN-E 30-105mm lenses.

Music: “Full Throttle” by Generdyne. Licensed through MusicBed.com

AO Films
Eugene, Oregon
RED Epic
Canon Cinema Lenses