AO Explore // Using the ‘Duration’ Column to Speed Up Your Editing

Just a quick tip on how to use the duration column within Final Cut Pro X to weed out clips. While filming for my son’s 8-year old baseball team, I realized quickly that I’d have lots of clips with no action, thus no value to me within the edit.

What I did was to make sure that while filming, I kept the clips as short as possible if there was nothing I’d be interested in using for the edit. I’d then organize my footage via the ‘Duration’ column in the browser and be able to select those clips that captured nothing more than a swing and a miss or a foul ball.

I think this can be useful quite a bit in sports, as well as other types of events or projects. It’s really just utilizing the power of Final Cut Pro X and making it work for you to speed up your post-production.