Elder Heart: The Art of Healing Warriors

In the quaint town of Nashville, Indiana, it is common to see the work of artists displayed at every corner. Everything from glass blowing to painting, to woodwork and theater performance, the artists of Nashville come together year after year to create an expansive cultural fabric in an otherwise small town.

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But there is something new on the horizon for the art community here, and it is coming from an unlikely group of artists. Projected to take a half-year to complete, the art piece will stand 20 ft tall with 22 large steel leafs, some weighing up to 500 lbs. To create something of this stature would take an army, something that these artists are familiar with being apart of. 

We don’t typically think of soldiers and veterans as people that can create beautiful art monuments, but the veterans and members of Elder Heart have a clear vision of what this will bring to the community. 

Magnus Johnson, former Green Beret, experienced first-hand the hardships of reintegrating after being away at war. He founded Elder Heart with the hopes of it being a nation-wide and international outlet for commissioned art work that serves communities and veterans together. Bridging the lost connection between community and veterans by way of art is his passion. Magnus believes art enriches life, and this project will in turn enrich the community and local veterans. 

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Elder Heart is a non-profit Veteran’s organization with the goal to offer positive support as they come home from their service and specifically those with PTSD and/or TBI. One of their main ways to reach communities and administer healing to veterans is through community based art projects. They believe that Art has no walls, it is appreciated and understood by all. They believe the creation of art can heal the soul of a warrior, especially in a close knit, community-type environment such as Nashville Indiana.  

The leaf structure “Soaring” will be installed Summer of 2014 in front of the Brown County Visitor Center in downtown Nashville.

We’re excited to share the story of these veterans who are coming together as one in their community. 

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