Elder Heart: American Warrior

Standing 20 feet high, a sculpture of 22 huge, metal leaves stands out in the quaint town of Nashville, Indiana. However, it is not the statue itself, but its purpose that is amazing. The 22 leaves represent the 22 Veterans that commit suicide everyday.

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Most people are not aware of this devastating issue, and one local Nashville organization is committed to change that. Elder Heart is a Veteran organization that creates art in public areas to raise awareness for those 22 Veterans. They aim to employ and empower Veterans, and show them they are not alone. “We will not let them go quietly into the darkness,” says Tom Spooner, the Vice President of Elder Heart.

Together, Elder Heart, Veterans, and local artists created the significant sculpture. “This is going to be one of the most significant art pieces that this town has had in quite some time,” says Magnus Johnson, President of Elder Heart. War should not be heavy on the shoulders of our Veterans; it is something that affects every single person. Elder Heart facilitates this thought process, with hopes of changing the community we live in, so that our Veterans receive the support and respect they deserve. 

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AO Films was more than happy to showcase this story of a group of people coming together and creating something incredible. It was motivating to meet and talk to the Veterans and other people involved that were so dedicated to making this issue known, and to helping other Veterans.

For more information about Elder Heart and how you can support the cause, visit elderheart.org.