Cycle of Freedom

We worked with the founders of the new non-profit veteran organization Warrior’s Bridge, Ami Tucci Jones and Scot Spooner, to create this film. This was a very moving and emotional project for us, because it was a little different than other veteran-related films we’ve produced. It brought up the issue of the disconnect between the people who fight for our freedom, and the actual freedoms we are so lucky to have.

Spooner explains that during World War II when the duty members returned home, they were “well-received” and “integrated easily back into society.” However, today it is a lot harder when people return from war, because society doesn’t value the warrior in those same ways. Our hopes with this film is that it will open other’s eyes to see that we, as society, need to come together with our warriors, and protect them just as they protect us and our freedoms.

This is “Cycle of Freedom.”