Connecting with Local Artist: Part 2

Earlier this week, the AO Team went back to the Lane Community College campus to visit local public artist and LCC professor, Lee Imonen. We met Lee a few months ago after noticing a public art piece he was displaying on the campus. After our initial conversation to learn more about the piece, we asked if he would be interested in letting us film him at work with his students, and include his thoughts into our internal documentary. The purpose of our documentary is to create awareness for the very issue that Lee has presented with his 2005 War Veteran sculpture: veterans do not receive the support and care they deserve when they return home from war. We were interested in capturing the process of taking an abstract idea and turning it into something physical. In this case, in the form of bronze and aluminum. 

Not only were we able to capture some fantastic footage, but we were also able to pull Lee aside and interview him about his work, his art, and his thoughts on Veterans and the resources that they do and do not have available to them. He says that he often had Veterans in his classes, and many of them create amazing work based on their experiences in the US Military.