Since we’re in the visual communication business, we’d prefer to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ as much as we can. Below are some examples of relevant work.

A Year at Chemeketa: We collaborated with Chemeketa Community College on this film to capture the essence of attending the college in a very cinematic way. 

Go Ahead, Adventure!: We love the outdoors and take every opportunity to capture the beauty we call home in the Pacific Northwest. This was produced as an extension of our passion for film, legacy (using footage that Welch’s grandfather shot in the 1960s), and exploring. 

Hero Loans: We produced this :30 spot with an actual Marine and his wife. They wanted a very authentic, heartfelt spot that captured the heart of this company whose focus is on helping returning veterans. 

Resolutions: We collaborated with a local app company to produce this :30 spot. We worked with a mix of regular athletes and paid talent to focus on New Years Resolutions and the impact a ‘workout buddy’ can have on accomplishing your goals. 

Stoller // One Day Harvest: A mini-documentary showing the harvest at Stoller Vineyards in Yamhill County.

View more of our “outdoor” collection here. 

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A Year at Chemeketa

Central Oregon Snow // Sizzle

Go Ahead! Adventure

Hero Loans


Stoller // One Day: A Harvest

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