We love the stories that lie outside stadiums, on and off the play surfaces. Sporting events offer a unique opportunity to capture every little detail and tell a moving story.

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A Warm Summer Night in Oregon

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The 12th Man

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Just a quick tip on how to use the duration column within Final Cut Pro X to weed out clips. While filming for my son’s 8-year old baseball team, I realized quickly that I’d have lots of clips with no action, thus no value to me within the edit. What I …

“Everybody in their life needs people to encourage them and support them, cheer them on when they’re winning, but are also there to support them when things aren’t going quite as well.” In football, the 12th man refers to fans that support their team through thick and thin. Likewise, while …

To us, film is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story.  It makes it possible to capture emotion and action in ways that other storytelling devices can not. For this particular video, we wanted to capture the essence of a Legion League baseball game. We wanted to show the …