Lane County HHS: Workforce Recruitment

Since we’re in the visual communication business, we’d prefer to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ as much as we can. Below are some examples of relevant work – either through theme or style. All showcase our doc-style and use of interviews to tell stories.

Dignity of Risk: Trips Inc. is a nationwide company that makes it possible for anyone to have access to travel, including those with disabilities. Their all-inclusive trips and dedicated chaperones provide amazing trips for some really amazing people.

Circle of Friends: A mini-documentary on the formation of a school specific for kids with special needs.

The Rebuilding: Story of Olga Tucker, combat Veteran and her search for the healing.

Mind, Body, Sprit of Jeremy Wellman: Mini-doc follows Veteran, Jeremy Wellman and his journey of self-healing, and how doing the work for himself empowered him to help others. 

Drawn Introducing: Drawn Brands wanted a story that captured the process of their renaming. Just as they do for each of their clients, Drawn spent countless hours determining the perfect name for their company – something that would better encompass the direction of their agency, with the tagline “Authentic Brand Experiences.”

Spotkin: Spotkin is a small development company in Eugene. They wanted a video that promoted their new game “Contraption Maker”


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The Dignity of Risk

Circle of Friends | A Mini Doc

The Rebuilding: Olga Tucker

Mind, Body & Spirit of Jeremy Wellman

Drawn // Introducing

Spotkin // Contraption Maker

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MARCH 29, 2021:  This is an excerpt from an article in Deadline Magazine: Alaskan Nets is having its world premiere next month in the Documentary Competition at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. The doc, directed by Jeff Harasimowicz, follows the high school boys basketball team in Metlakatla, the native reserve of the …

We’re also in post-production on another documentary about the power that exists when civilians and veterans come together to help our warriors return home with the wounds of war. We’ve partnered with Mission 22 and the American Valor Foundation and have traveled the country following a variety of veteran’s stories of …

Over the last few years there’s been a shift in marketing videos. We’ve all seen documentaries. They are entertaining and inform on subjects in a cinematic way. At AO Films, we strive to tell stories, using a cinematic style. More and more brands are looking for ways to stand out amid the …