Eugene Concert Choir

Diane & Joan: Thank you for taking the time to look over our work. We pulled together a handful of our films that showcase our documentary storytelling abilities. Our passion is the tell real, authentic stories. We want our films to make a difference – to move people to an emotional response.

We are excited to capture the story of the effect of Alzheimer’s disease – the transition from former self to changed self – and how that emotion is translated into musical expression by Joan Szymko.

Collection Films

Bill Kunkle // Never Forget

In Pursuit of A Dream

Remembered: WWII Vet Visits Memorial for First Time

Steel Leaves

Stoller // One Day: A Harvest

The Dignity of Risk

To Be an American

Collection Articles

Relationships are a huge part of what we do at AO Films. We love telling meaningful stories and the bonus is the relationships we get to build along the way. We were reminded of the importance of these connections this week while filming in Arizona. Nine months ago, while in Arizona …

What is art? Art is music. Art is jewelry. Art is bright yellow paint splattered on an empty canvas. Art is a statue of a fallen hero. Art is whatever you want it to be. In the town of Nashville, Indiana in Brown County, art strings the community together. From …

In the quaint town of Nashville, Indiana, it is common to see the work of artists displayed at every corner. Everything from glass blowing to painting, to woodwork and theater performance, the artists of Nashville come together year after year to create an expansive cultural fabric in an otherwise small …

For a number of months now, we've been talking about and researching for a documentary that we've been excited to pursue. After 3-4 months of info gathering, we finally got the first interview under our belt today when we interview Bill Kunkle, an 89-year-old World War II veteran. It was …

In early October, we traveled across the country to North Carolina to meet with the passionate and motivating duo, Scot Spooner and Amy Tucci Jones. When we heard about their foundation, The Warrior's Bridge, we knew we wanted to get involved. The Warrior's Bridge website is finally up and running, and we made …