Chemeketa Community College

It has been such a blast working with Chemeketa Community College to produce a series of 30-second spots the last two years.  It was great working with Rick, from BAM Agency along with Greg Harris and his entire team there at Chemeketa.

In 2014, we collaborated again to produced two spots aimed at encouraging parents of college-bound high school students to seek more information about Chemeketa. We filmed the spots in 4K using the Canon C500 camera and the Defy G12 gimbal.

In 2013, we had the chance to work with some amazing talent on a fun series of spots. In 2012, we filmed the commercials over 3 days in the fall, using the Canon C300 camera. The C300 proved to be the perfect fit for this project, as we were constantly modifying the setup of the camera depending on the shot we wanted. Going from hand-held, to the steady-cam to the Kessler Crane was very simple with the way the camera allows you to change its setup quickly.

Collection Films

"First Step"

"Training Wheels"

A Year at Chemeketa

Chemeketa // Emergency Prep

Chemeketa // Fire

Chemeketa // Gamer

Chemeketa // High School

Chemeketa // No More Excuses

Chemeketa // Part of the Plan

Chemeketa // Vineyard

Collection Articles

After weeks of preparation, we spent two full days filming commercials for Chemeketa Community College. Chemeketa is located in beautiful Salem, Oregon, so we decided to do our filming there, so we could include the town and the campus. On the first day, we worked with our talent to create a sequence of a …