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Bobby & CVT Team:

Thanks for taking the time to look this over. As I mentioned on the phone when we spoke a couple weeks ago, we’re not normally in the practice of cold-calling companies.

Most of our work comes from referrals of clients we’ve worked with. However, as I personally began researching my own roof top tent purchase for my Wrangler, I found myself thinking about the many visual possibilities of telling the story of Cascadia Vehicle Tents. I think there’s tons of potential to capture not just the “what” of CVT (the products you sell), but the “why” behind those products.

We’ve outlines 3 different video series that could help tell the CVT story.

1. A short (:60 or :90 second) commercial that captures the adventurous “feeling” that CVT allows people to experience. We’ve included this as a Treatment in the pages that follow.

2. A series of mini-documentaries (2–4min each) that focus on a person or subject that uses a CVT tent, but instead of focusing solely on the tent, we tell a story about the person, what they do, how they experience the outdoors and it just so happens that they use a CVT RTT. Goal Zero does a good job of these types of videos, for example. I know there are plenty of people/groups doing really cool things in the “adventure” world who are using CVT tents and there would be an interest level from viewers to learn more about their story in a cinematic way, thus bringing exposure to CVT in a natural way. One example we’d love to explore is telling the story of the veteran group, Team Overland, and their unique approach to veteran healing.

3.  A series of 2–3 minute videos that focus on one CVT employee and their passion for the outdoors. Each video will highlight a different employee and their desire to get out and explore the outdoors. These will include a sit down interview with the subject and then some b-roll of them in the element. This series will allow viewers to gain a connection with CVT employees as they experience the outdoors, and ultimately a connection to CVT.


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