American Heroes

We’ve had the opportunity to meet and tell the stories of true American Heroes – that too often, go untold. We get the chance to travel the country to tell the stories of men and women who selflessly serve our country.

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19 Down // Rallying around Hotshot Crew

A Mother and Her Navy SEAL

American Warrior

Bill Kunkle // Never Forget

Chemical School // Trust

Cycle of Freedom

Fearless // Book Trailer

In Pursuit of A Dream

Oregon Sniper Challenge

Remembered: WWII Vet Visits Memorial for First Time

Sean Parnell // Promo

To Be an American

To Serve: Glenn Gilhuber // Eugene Police Dept.

US Army Chemical School Teaser

Vignette // Training is Like Savings Account

Welcoming Our Veterans Home

What is an American

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Relationships are a huge part of what we do at AO Films. We love telling meaningful stories and the bonus is the relationships we get to build along the way. We were reminded of the importance of these connections this week while filming in Arizona. Nine months ago, while in Arizona …

Standing 20 feet high, a sculpture of 22 huge, metal leaves stands out in the quaint town of Nashville, Indiana. However, it is not the statue itself, but its purpose that is amazing. The 22 leaves represent the 22 Veterans that commit suicide everyday. Most people are not aware of …

In the quaint town of Nashville, Indiana, it is common to see the work of artists displayed at every corner. Everything from glass blowing to painting, to woodwork and theater performance, the artists of Nashville come together year after year to create an expansive cultural fabric in an otherwise small …

For a number of months now, we've been talking about and researching for a documentary that we've been excited to pursue. After 3-4 months of info gathering, we finally got the first interview under our belt today when we interview Bill Kunkle, an 89-year-old World War II veteran. It was …

The only sounds we could hear were boots on the ground, the crackle of radio, fire power, and yelling. We received the opportunity to film the Spokane, Washington SWAT team's training session last May. We got quality B-roll of the team in action, so we thew together this sizzle reel. It was …

Earlier this month, we traveled to North Carolina to meet with Scot Spooner and Amy Tucci Jones to learn more about their foundation, The Warrior's Bridge, and how we could be a part of it. We are passionate about telling stories that really matter and make a difference. The Warrior's …