Brown County // Nashville, Indiana Arts and Entertainment Community

What is art? Art is music. Art is jewelry. Art is bright yellow paint splattered on an empty canvas. Art is a statue of a fallen hero. Art is whatever you want it to be.

In the town of Nashville, Indiana in Brown County, art strings the community together. From glass blowers, to painters, to builders, to guitarists, to woodworkers, the charming town has a lot to offer. Local artists say Nashville has more people making their own products and running their own shops than any other town.

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AO Films collaborated with the artists of Brown County to showcase all that their town has to offer. It was amazing to not only see all the memorable pieces of art within Brown County, but also how many of the artists work together to produce masterpieces. 

Three million people visit Brown County a year, just to see the unique beauties it has to offer. Locals say tourists come to pretend to be locals, just to a part of this special community. 

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Brown County is not just an artist’s town, however. It is also for the adventurer’s soul.  For information on the attractions of Brown County, visit