Behind The Scenes: UO Track and Field

We worked with the University of Oregon Track and Field team to produce a video to promote their upcoming spring season. We purposely chose to shoot at night in order to set the tone the team was looking for: intense and competitive. The Oregon Track and Field team chose to promote their new apple-green track uniforms for the upcoming season. This worked in our favor in post production since there was already such a contrast with the black background and white graphics.  

Only 30-minutes into shooting, our Arri Lights blew out most of the fuses around the entire track at Hayward Field. Eventually, we had to go down to only two lights, and consequently had to shoot in more compact space. Another hurdle was that we only had each athlete for an hour due to their busy schedules. This meant we had to be quick and strategic with our shot choices.

We shot this video with the Red Epic Dragon cam and the Canon Cinema Lenses. During post production, we did our graphics work in Adobe After Effects. For the graphics that involved motion tracking, as well as roto scoping masks, we used Mocha Pro.

This video clip shows the process of one shot, going from Raw footage, to motion tracking the text element, to masking each plane of Jenna’s body separately. Multiple masks were needed for certain body parts that left the frame and re-entered.

This was a unique project from start to finish, from the shooting conditions to the editing process. Being able to work with two of Oregon’s most talented athletes, Jenna Prandini and Edward Cheserek, was a bonus! We are super excited to finally share this video. Go Ducks!