AO Films Internship Program

Thanks for your interest in the AO Films/Moetic Films Internship Program

AO Films and sister company, Moetic Films are constantly looking for creative, energetic, assertive, positive self-starters to add to our team. Our intern program will offer experience in the world of story-telling through video. Everything from production to editing. You’ll work closely with our team helping on location as key production assistants and with media organization and rough cuts in post production. You’ll get the opportunity to edit Documentary Wedding Films for Moetic and work on a variety of commercial productions as well.

Program Details: What we are hiring:

  • 3-month unpaid internship for college credit and/or experience

  • After the 3-months, both parties can agree to extend an additional 3 to 6 months to a paid position (if available).

  • You’ll be 1099′d as a general contractor while you are a paid intern.

  • If it’s still going amazing there’s a potential for further sub-contract work or employment

  • Must be able to work in Eugene or McMinnville

Absolute requirements (no exceptions):

Over 18 and eligible to work in U.S.

LIVE IN EUGENE or McMINNVILLE, OREGON (sorry, no exceptions.)

  • Will require transportation to office most weekdays

  • You’re Flexible, dedicated, hungry – this isn’t a clock in – do the work – go home kind of job or company. We love to have fun, but we work very hard. Flexibility, and a do-what-it-takes attitude is a must or it’s just not going to work out.

  • You are willing and eager to listen and learn.  You may already have some experience behind the camera or cutting footage.  But having a know-it-all attitude won’t take you far.  What you’ll have the chance to learn goes far beyond camera and software techniques.

  • You must care about learning and telling stories that matter. I mean really care – not just ‘need some sort of summer internship’ kind of thing.

  • You’re a team player. You want to be part of something bigger than yourself.

Strong preferences:

  • You are a creative, assertive problem solver. You dig in – you take action – you voice your opinion – and you find solutions. You’re passionate about learning new stuff and pushing the envelope.

  • Familiarity with online writing, blogging, and/or email marketing.

  • Passionate about organization, project management.

  • You love telling stories with video. You aren’t required to be an amazing editor or cinematographer at first, but you will be asked to help as a PA on our commercial shoots. Sometimes this will be as a producer (making sure we stay on schedule, checking off the things we wanted to film, making notes for the editor as we film) – and other times it’ll be “hey grab that light and hold it here for a second.” You’ll enjoy the internship and job much more if this is up your alley.

Other notes:

  • Hours will fluctuate at times (within certain days). We’ll try to work around your schedule, but if you have a particular life situation that only allows you to be available during a specific window – this may not be the right internship opportunity.

  • You’ll learn a ton – in a short time. If you’re looking to learn more about story-telling, editing in Final Cut X, rough cutting, filmmaking, working on a team, building something that matters, etc… You’ll get that with us. It’s on of the biggest perks of the opportunity. We learn and move quickly.