We want our films to make a difference – to move people to an emotional response. Whether it’s a person, place, process, or idea – these stories keep us behind the camera or in front of the computer until the story is complete. We approach our original-content creations by blending our clients' goals with our team's imagination to create messages that inform. Inspire change. And give people a greater understanding of the world. #PursueAStory

Steel Leaves
Elder Heart // Indiana
Law & Military Art
AO Films // Arizona
“First Step”
Chemeketa Community College // Salem, Oregon
“Training Wheels”
Chemeketa Community College // Salem, Oregon
In Pursuit of A Dream
Fairway Independent Mortgage Company // Arizona
Spokane SWAT Sizzle Reel
Life of Duty // Spokane, Washington
A Warm Summer Night in Oregon
Eugene Challengers // Eugene, Oregon
Brown County: An Art Community
Brown County Indiana Convention & Visitors Bureau // Indiana
American Warrior
Elder Heart // Indiana
The 12th Man
JPW Foundation // Seattle, Washington
“There’s Nothing Else Like It”
The Duck Store // Eugene, Oregon
Pasco, Washington
Fairway Independent Mortgage Company // Pasco, Washington
Denver, Colorado
Fairway Independent Mortgage Company // Colorado
Welcoming Our Veterans Home
Elder Heart // Indiana
What is an American
Life of Duty // Kentucky
Mill A Upgrades
Rosboro Lumber // Springfield, Oregon
Bill Kunkle // Never Forget
AO Films // Eugene, Oregon
Fairway // Texas
Fairway Independent Mortgage Company // Texas
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