‘Alaskan Nets’ Documentary

In September 2017 we took a leap of faith and jumped into a documentary project in Alaska. We partnered with Jeff Harasimowicz of Raised By Wolves Films (Bend, Oregon).

Ryan Welch and Ryan Rossman took turns traveling back-and-forth to the small town Metlakatla, from September of 2017 through March 2018. Metlakatla is a 45 minute ferry ride south of Ketchikan– an hour and a half flight from Seattle. (Thanks Alaska Airlines, for the sponsorship of multiple roundtrip flights).

Metlakatla is the last native reservation in the state of Alaska. We followed the high school boys basketball team in their quest to bring the town their first state championship since 1984.

We began post-production on the film last February and finished the edit at the end of 2019. The film is now being color graded and sound mixed currently in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. The film should be finished by the beginning of March.

The film is independent and self-financed. We have representation and will be looking for distributors this spring.